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Picky Kid Pix … Softest Tees January 29, 2011

My favorite brand for the softest tees is T2Love. I wear them every day and night. I am super picky about my shirts and clothes and I have to have the softest shirts possible and T2Love fits the bill. Now, these are the only tees I wear besides my soccer jersey because I have to wear it but I’d much rather wear my T2Love there.

T2Love also makes other clothes, so it’s perfect. I have the shorts and hoodie. I am getting the capris and pants next.

My mom first bought them for me at a boutique, Brussel Sprouts Kids, but then their shipment didn’t arrive one season and my mom panicked and found them online for me because otherwise I had trouble getting dressed for school. I am a Picky Kid after all!

If you want to buy them (on sale), check these out by clicking on the image of the shirt:

t2love kid tee picky kid picks pickykidpicks softest teest2love tee softest tees shirts for kids girls pickykidpicks picky kid picks


One Response to “Picky Kid Pix … Softest Tees”

  1. charlotte and helena Says:

    hey this is helena and charlotte! i checked out your blog pretty good stuff NOT! JK!
    ~helena and char

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