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Back To School Shopping for School Supplies August 5, 2012

The list for back to school for 5th grade arrived when I was away at sleep away camp. My mom waited for me to come home because she knew that shopping for office supplies at Staples is my favorite thing to do in the world.


* 2 bound lined composition notebook (not spiral) for reading journals

 Leaf Composition Notebook, $5

* Post-Its – Medium Sized

Star Shaped, $6

* 2 – 1 1/2” 3-ring binders with 5 dividers for each binder (No TrapperKeepers please) preferably the Staples brand “Better” binders

 Flexec, Frosted, $30 for six

Avery dividers, $2.50

* $7.00 for a subscription to Storyworks


I tried them all but these sharpen the best.

Ticonderoga, 12 for $3



$5 for this 3 pack.

Sanitizing Wipes

My teachers like these wipes because it kills the germs.

Lysol Disinfecting Wipes, $6

Paper towels

My parents by Bounty at Costco.

Bounty Basic Paper Towels, $18

* Markers Dry-erase markers

 Expo, 16 markers for $15 and these don’t smell funny.

I also need …

Lunch Box

Lunch Box by Built because my friend Helena had one last year.

in Vine, $17


I need a new backpack because my old one is too small. I want a North Face backpack like my sister has.

North Face Jester Backpack, $60

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One Response to “Back To School Shopping for School Supplies”

  1. This is a very cool list! We’ve been trying to figure out which pencils to buy, because it seems like they all break in the sharpeners. Do you have a favorite sharpener?

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